Luanda Night Life App

Luanda Night Life

With more than 200 restaurants, bars, hotels in Luanda, Benguela, Kwanza Sul, and other provinces, as well as in international destinations favored by the residents in the country, the LNL application is the most complete Angolan tour guide in the market. With the application of LNL you can search restaurants, bars and hotels by price, location and classification, You can know in an instant which restaurants are closer to you based on your geolocation, as well as the fastest way to get to the restaurant. You can also call the restaurant or hotel directly from the application.

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Mipha® App


Mipha® will help you to manage the health of your people, plants and animals. Mipha® is a personal health assistant smartphone app that integrates with compatible rapid test kits for blood and other substances, and will teach you to use and read the kits, and understand the results.

Mipha® will enable you to:

  • Identify disease from symptoms.
  • Use accurate and rapid test kits.
  • Securely monitor your test results.
  • Manage the disease or condition.
  • Keep your personal test information private. Be alerted to outbreaks in your area and globally.
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