About us

Our Vision

To meet the challenge of digital transformation of the African milieu, through the provision of empowering digital tools that harness the power of her people, her land, her ideas, and her culture.

Our Mission

To build intuitive, insightful, empathetic and socially responsible apps for and by Africans for her prosperity and through her leadership, for the rest of the world.
Bengo Systems is an innovative technology company, with branches in Angola and South Africa. Bengo specialises in mobile application design and development, led by a talented team with specialist skills that creates impactful products that add value to its customers and the environment they live and work in.
Bengo is strongly focused on execution and excellence, building innovative technology solutions in fields as diverse as health, tourism and entertainment, delivering value well beyond application development. Bengo selects projects that it undertakes carefully and partners with its customers to improve and scale their application ideas, and transform them into reality. “No job is too big and no project is too small”.